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My answer on Quora: „In my opinion, social media played a major role to the revolution in Tunisia.
I think that there were (and still are) a lot of different aspects in how social media helped to pave the path to recent events (the flight of Ben Ali).
At first, I think, social media was a mayor tool to inform people inside and outside Tunisia about what was going on since the 17th of december self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi. I don’t think that the national and international spreading of this news could have worked as fast as it did without people speaking out on twitter, facebook or over their blogs.
I’m not quite sure about that, but as I understand, especially twitter also was used to organise demonstrations and to gather people within Tunisian cities.

When Slim Amamou was arrested on the 6th of january, again the first information about him missing was over the location based social media platform foursquare, where he posted his whereabouts (The Ministry of Interiors) so that his friends (and followers) immediately took action and, as he was internationally known, could again be able to put pressure on the national government.

As a conclusion, I’m not saying, that without social media the revolution could have failed, but social media helped a lot to get the news outside Sidi Bouzid and outside Tunisia.

(Just look at #SidiBouzid for the masses of Information or read Blogs!)“

What role did social media play with regards to the revolution in Tunisia?

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